stripped of armour,
bloody dagger lying on the table,
blade worn from fighting off dragons and demons and
bandages in the palms of both hands
yellowed and bloodied and putrid
(how long have i carried them?)
covering my fingertips, my eyes, my heart.
stripped of armour
in your presence,
the dagger lying not too far off.
you could avenge them,
the world,
if you wanted to.
if i kneel
(and i kneel)
you could cut my throat
as easily as i have cut others’ tongues in the past.
but instead you kneel alongside me
and shed your protection as well
and you’re as bloodied as i am,
as scarred as i am.
the dagger is on the table
and it screams for tender flesh
it yearns to touch a human neck.
but so do my lips, so do yours,
and the steel remains neglected.
our warm battered skin, however —
the bandages peel
and we replace them with those soft, caring lips.

the war wars outside
and we’ve stepped away from it, finally —
and we’ve come out the victors.

"what would you say
to your lover?”

what else?
i love her.

more than i ever thought i could
love another human being,
more than my cynical heart
was ever capable of giving.
and for someone who swore off it
when she was young,
i’m quite on my knees.

e quando eu digito
com todas as teclas
longas linhas de palavras inexistentes
em língua alguma,
será que é só porque
meu coração possui uma linguagem outra
tão sagrada
que não consigo eu mesma traduzir?
pois ele bate
ele canta
e seja lá qual for a mensagem
sabemos que é ele quem me dá vida;
mas se ele tem motivo para cantar
é por você que ele o faz.

i miss you.
i’ve missed you all day long
i’m missing you right now as we talk
i’ll miss you in your presence
i miss your hand in mine
i miss that gentle warmness of you standing right next to me
i miss things we haven’t even done yet
i miss you in my dreams;
beside me while i sleep

it’s a good thing
that i know so many bands
so many songs
because my guitar doesn’t fit in my arms
and it doesn’t sing as well as it should
not in praise of you anyway.
so i hope you don’t mind
if i steal other people’s love lyrics
if i mouth them by myself walking alone on the street
lost in daydreams
(on my way to meet you)

some days i will be a coward
some days i will be locked up in my skin
some days i’ll be wary of coming near you
but though it might not show
even in those days
your name will be the only one i’ll think of