if i may ask one thing of you,
           one thing ask,
on this day today when we part,
           one thing only ask,
before your hand lets go of mine as we cry out softly,
my love, goodbye
           (come back soon, come back safe
           to these hungry arms of mine)
if before i leave i may
           one thing ask
i ask of you now:

           kiss me.

once and tenderly,
           kiss me once.
so i have something on my lips to remember you by
so i have something for my soul to anchor itself to
so please
i ask only one thing:
           kiss me today
and i will know my way back.
if only you would comply to
           this one thing i ask.

i don’t want to sleep if i can’t sleep with you;
i don’t want to dream if i can’t dream about you;
i don’t want to wake if i can’t wake beside you;

i don’t want to say goodnight before you do.
and yet
we soldier through.

the world is ripe with questions
every scientist and priest is out to answer —
who are we,
where have we come from,
where do we go from here?
all valid inquiries
but what i really want to know
what really truly matters being answered
is when do i get to see you
                               touch you
                                   love you

how to tell you

"tell me no words
look no other way
do not walk
do not move
except towards my arms
except into me”

when there is nothing to kiss
but some unfeeling screen?

how to tell you

any of that at all

even when you’re near
if my heart roars louder than my thoughts
and my lips tremble in anticipation
they do not materialize
too caught up in their excitement
to justify such reactions?

how to tell you

when i cannot, i desire

and sometimes when i desire

i cannot?

I think once you’ve thought about how a person sleeps, how they’d feel pressed up against your back, or your head on their chest, how compatible your bodies would be in the same space of a bed — once you’ve thought about that, you’re fucked.

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I want you to leave marks on me.
Marks from loving me too hard,
from kissing me too hard,
and holding me too hard.
I want you to leave your handprint.
I want your loving words to hit me hard.
I want to feel your love on my skin.

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